Nature. Culture. History. Adventure.

It’s more than just your usual travel destination.There are 7,107 reasons to visit the Philippines. 7,107 unique views of the sun and stars.  7,107 different ways to unwind.

From pristine white beaches to picturesque mountains, world heritage sites to amazing natural wonders – the islands can cater to any fancy. 

Would you like to go diving, parasailing or kayaking?  Are you into mountain climbing, whale watching or bird watching?  Interested in history and culture?  Looking for a romantic getaway or some active nightlife?  Does a shopping spree take your fancy?  Or would you rather just relax on a hammock and leave all your worries behind?  Name it and we have it!

Come and see all that the islands have to offer! 

The Philippines. It's definitely more than just the usual. 

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