Walk-in applicants may have their fingerprint impressions on the NBI form taken at the Consulate if they bring: (1) passport + copy of its data page; (2) one 2"x2" passport photo - full front view/white background; (3) consular fee of $33.75 payable in cash or money order made payable to the Philippine Consulate General; and (4) prepaid return envelope if the applicant wants the consularized NBI form to be mailed to the applicant’s address.

 Residents of Alberta may check with the Consular Offices in Alberta for availability of NBI form no. 5 and its consularization.

If applicants wish to request for an NBI Fingerprinting Form No. 5 by mail, please send to the Consulate General a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a letter request.

Please note that each NBI form no. 5 bears a unique bar code and therefore may not be photocopied or downloaded.

How can I get an NBI Clearance without going home to the Philippines?

Visit the Philippine Consulate General in Vancouver in person or send a request letter together with a self-addressed prepaid return envelope to request for a Fingerprint Card Form No. 5 – fill in the personal data required on both sides of the card truthfully and legibly.

In case you are a married woman, the order of writing your name is as follows:

  • Your maiden surname (father’s surname)
  • Your husband’s surname
  • Your first name or given name
  • Your maternal surname (maiden surname of your mother)

Proceed to the Philippine Consulate General or to your nearest police station (RCMP) to have your fingerprints impressed (ROLLED IMPRESSION) on the appropriate spaces.

The officer/person who assisted you during the fingerprinting should sign his name, state his official designation and stamp the seal of the office on the space provided for the purpose.

Important Notice: Please note that the NBI has not authorized any private agency to conduct the processing of NBI clearance applications.

Attach a recent 2" x 2" photograph with white background (taken within three months prior to your application).

Submit the NBI Fingerprint Card Form No. 5 to the Philippine Consulate General for consularization with the following:

  1. payment of $33.75 cash (if submitting the form in person at the Consulate) or money order made payable to the Philippine Consulate General (if submitting the form by mail)
  2. front and back copy of the Fingerprint Card Form No. 5
  3. self-addressed prepaid return envelope (optional, if applicant wants to receive the form back by mail)
  4. photocopies of passport data page & the page showing your entry/admittance in Canada
  5. photocopy of applicant's PR card or work permit

After receipt of your document from the Philippine Consulate General, send the NBI requirements to:

Ms. Sandra P. Sobida
IRD – Mailed Clearance Section
National Bureau of Investigation
Taft Ave., Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines

NBI requirements:

  1. NBI Fingerprint Card Form No. 5 duly accomplished and signed by the Philippine Consulate General;
  2. Photocopy of Philippine passport, and
  3. Money Order in the sum of Php 200.00, Philippine currency, or bank draft which is negotiable in the Philippines payable to the Director, National Bureau of Investigation, Taft Avenue, Ermita 1000 Manila, Philippines.

Accredited banks are the following:

  • Philippine National Bank (PNB)
  • Metrobank
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

NBI will mail to you the corresponding clearance certificate after it has processed your application papers. Processing of application normally takes a maximum of three (3) days excluding days of transit.

You may also send your accomplished form and other requirements to your relative/representative in the Philippines together with authorization letter authorizing him/her to transact business on your behalf. Your relative/representative may visit the office of the Electronic Data Processing Division (EDPD) in NBI Taft Avenue, Manila for further assistance.

Upon receipt of your clearance certificate, please examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its lower left portion; the clearance is invalid without it. You must also affix your clear and properly taken THUMBPRINT on the space provided on the clearance certificate with the assistance of the local police in your area before submitting it to your end-user.

Should there be issues concerning NBI, you may directly contact the bureau through the following details:

‚ÄčNational Bureau of Investigation
Trunk line: (+632) 523-8231 to 38
Fax: (+632) 526-1216 / (+632) 523-7414
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To follow up NBI Clearance:
Trunk line: (+632) 523-8231 to 38 local 5523 or 5499

Text : +63917 999 9421 (globe)
+63 920 412 9999 (smart)

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Attention: Ms. Sandra Sobida