What are the requirements for Immigrant Visas?


All applications for immigrant visas must be made in person.  In the case of a minor under fourteen (14) years of age, the application may be made for him by any person who, in the opinion of the consular officer, is responsible for his welfare.  The minor (not an infant in arms) shall be required to appear at the consular office for interview, accompanied by the person applying on behalf of the minor.

The consular officer shall require applicants, whether under the quota or non-quota categories, to accomplish FA Form No. 3 in duplicate at the Consulate General.  Applicants shall submit the following documents:

1. Their duly-accomplished application form (FA Form No. 3)

2. Valid passport

3. Four passport pictures (2”x2”) signed across the bottom front

4. FA Form No. 11, or the Medical Examination report including HIV test. The medical results shall be valid within six (6) months from the date of examination.

5. Chest X-ray plate (taken within the last six months), to be presented to the Philippine Immigration  authorities  at  port of entry .  The plate must be sealed by the Philippine Consulate General. The Philippine Bureau of Quarantine now accepts digital versions (contained in compact discs) of X-ray results as an alternative to the commonly used X-ray films.

6. Police Clearance from RCMP

7. Birth Certificate issued by the Vital Statistics Office

8. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

9. Travel document (Passport) of spouse (if applicable)

10. Evidence of Financial Support, i.e., letter from company sponsoring the trip, financial,  assets,  certificate from the bank,  etc.

11. Fee of C$ 172.50 per applicant  (non-refundable, cash or money order)

12. Philippine passport / original copy of birth certificate of wife or husband

13. Certificate of Canadian Citizenship

14. Personal interview with the Consualr Officer

15. Affidavit stating that applicant(s) intends to reside permanently in the Philippines with the supporting documents such as land  titles and other  evidence  of  ownership  being disposed  of  in  the  country  of  where  he/she is a citizen/resident of

16. If the applicant is bringing a motor vehicle, please secure a  license to  import  from the Philippine Department of Trade  Office.  Other requirements will apply in this case.

17. Other documents deemed necessary by the Consular Officer