1.  Import Permit - An import permit must be secured by directly communicating with:

Animal Health Division
Bureau of Animal Industry
Department of Agriculture
Visayas Ave., Diliman
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (632) 926-6883; 927-0971; 928-2746
Fax: (632) 926-6866

giving pertinent information of the pet, i.e. species, sex, age, quantity, etc.  

The Animal Health Division shall issue the import permit and send the same to the applicant.  This permit together with other documentation should be presented at the port of entry upon arrival of the animal. 


2.   Health Certification - Pet owners should also secure a health certificate from a duly licensed veterinarian certifying that the animal is free from, and has not been recently exposed to any dangerous or communicable disease, and that it has been given anti-rabies and other required inoculations.  (N.B. Date of certificate should not be more than 30 days before arrival of the pet in the Philippines).


This certification should be presented to the Philippine Consulate General for legalization shortly before the shipment of the animal together with a copy of the veterinarian’s license.


If a copy of the veterinarian’s license is not available or if the request for legalization is requested by mail, pet owners should likewise secure a certification from the appropriate agency in Canada which has jurisdiction over the concerned veterinarian.  Said certificate should state, among others, that the veterinarian is licensed to practice within its jurisdiction and that his signature, as appearing on the certificate, is authentic.  


In this regard, please contact the following agencies, as appropriate: 

British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association

Suite 155, 1200 West 73rd Avenue Vancouver, B.C., V6P 6G5

Tel: (604) 266-3441

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association

750 Weber Centre, 555 Calgary Trail South Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 5P9

Tel: (780) 489-5007

City of Yukon

2121 2nd Street, Whitehorse Yukon, Y1A 1C2

Tel: (403) 667-6401

Government of the Nortwest Territories

Registries Clerk, Professional Licensing, Safety and Public Services

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, X1A 2L9 

3.  Legalization Fee is Cdn $33.75 per pet, payable in cash, money order or bank-certified cheques payable to the Philippine Consulate General.  If authentication is requested by mail, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Do not send cash by mail.