Beauty Queen conveys interest in working on Humanitarian and Charitable Projects in the Philippines


Vancouver, 25 January 2018 – Queen of the World, Ms. Elena Suleymanova, of the Beauties of 5 Continents 2017 called on the Consul General in his office yesterday afternoon to convey her interest in visiting the Philippines to learn about its culture and help promote the country, as part of her fulfillment of the pageant mission of promoting world peace through pluralism and reducing poverty. Accompanying Ms. Suleymanova in the call was Princess of Australia, Ms. Nance A.


Ms. Suleymanova, who was crowned on 30 June 2017, said that she would like to work with Philippine beauty queens on humanitarian or charitable projects that would benefit local causes.  She could also be invited to give a talk on pluralism and acceptance of diversity in a conference or appropriate forum.


The Beauties of the 5 Continents (B5C) observes a new format for beauty pageants that recognizes that today’s contestants are intelligent, results-oriented and demand substance.  Instead of only one winner running away with all the attention and responsibility, the B5C awards 16 crown holders, led by the Queen of the World and Princess of the World, and queens and princesses representing five different continents, who are empowered to advocate for world peace, universal tolerance and acceptance, and reduction in poverty.  The pageant finals were held on board the MSC Divina, a 7-night luxury cruise ship to the Caribbean Islands.  The pageant’s organizers had managed Miss World Canada for the past four years.