What documents will I present to the representative of the COMELEC in the Embassy or the Consulate?


A. A valid Philippine passport.  In the absence of a passport, a Certification from the Department of Foreign Affairs asserting either of the following:

     1.      that you have submitted documents that will warrant the issuance of a passport;
     2.      that the applicant is a valid passport holder but is unable to produce it for a valid reason.An accomplished

B. OAVF No.1 as prescribed by the COMELEC;

​ If you are a Seafarer, a photocopy of your Seaman’s Book or any other document that will prove that you are a seafarer should also be submitted in addition to “a” and “b” above; and,

​If you have availed of RA 9225, you should also provide a certified true copy of the signed Oath of Allegiance submitted to the Embassy/Consulate in addition to “a” and “b” above.

The COMELEC may require additional data to establish your identity.